My name is Kathrin.

Yoga is a life long journey to experience our true essence and to get to know ourselves better. I completed my ‚Danyasa Yoga Arts’ teacher training with Sofiah Thom and Ashleigh Sergeant in Costa Rica. Danyasa yoga combines yoga asanas with flowing dance movements. 

I am convinced that yoga carries an enormous healing potential. With an additional training in 'Mindful Yoga Therapy' at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, I specialized in mental and emotional health.

The way we relate to ourselves determines how we relate to others and the world. Yoga helps me to be present and live life with an open heart. I am grateful that I can share this path with you and am looking forward to many wonderful encounters along the way.


Soulicious Moments

Souliciousmoments is about creating experiences of connection. I am passionate about exploring the topics of change and connection at the intersection of philosophy, yoga and mindfulness, health, psychology and peacebuilding.

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