The full moon radiates a beautiful power and it is a good opportunity to step outside, take a loving look at our lives and to become conscious of the beauty in the moment. Sitting on the shores of the Arabian Sea, I’m preparing for a full moon yoga class. It is dark and the sand is still warm beneath my mat. The waves are crashing steadily against the shore and the air is starting to cool down to a comfortable temperature. Filled with a delightful sense of anticipation, I get the feeling that something secret or magical is about to happen. We are gathering in silence, facing the side of the night sky from which the full moon is about to rise.

A few moments later the full moon emerges right in front of us in all her glory, strong and steady, illuminating everything in her soft light. I admire her steady presence and ever flowing creativity as she dances across the earth in constantly evolving shapes, shadows and shades. She seduces me over and over again with her perfect combination of strength and softness. We begin our practice and equally try to illuminate all corners of our soul. By practicing yoga we learn more about ourselves and it seems as though the moon is really our teacher tonight making it all seem so clear and effortless. The moons’ presence is so powerful and so self-evident that it seems like nothing else matters. I tap into her calm energy to bring clarity and deep appreciation into my practice and my life.

Listening to the gentle but persistent sound of the waves, bathing in the soft moonlight and feeling the warm air on my skin, I practice being present and moving with the rhythms of nature. The full moon confidently and elegantly illuminates everything and all of a sudden all that matters is moving in alignment with the rhythms of my life: my breath and my heartbeat.