I love traveling. Not only the quick holiday type version, but especially the slow extended journeys. Staying in a place, settling down for a while, soaking it all in, getting to know the people, learning the language and really stopping to live and be fully present in a new environment.

Travel brings with it so many gifts:

Living in the present

Being in an unfamiliar environment, we need to stay very aware and in the present. Without a fixed routine, it's easier to live each day moment to moment. Traveling helps me focus on enjoying the present moment and living every day fully.

Being mindful

Being in a new place, invites me to explore and live my life consciously, truly experiencing every day like the treasure that it is. Take the time to stop and listen and notice the small things! There is so much to learn, see and discover in this world.

Embracing change

Everything within and around us changes constantly. Travel makes the notion of impermanence and change particularly evident. Change holds possibility. Living skilfully with change and not clinging to the illusion of permanence helps us stay open and flexible within perfect uncertainty. 

Cultivating curiosity

Traveling brings out this wonderment about the world that we have as children but so often lose as adults. There are so many different approaches to life and so much to discover, experience and learn. 

Celebrating connection

Travellers make friends easily. Everyone has a story to tell and we have something to learn from everyone who crosses our path. Traveling is a great opportunity to satisfy our curiosity about life and all fellow earth dwellers, who happen to cross our path. Life is short and there are so many connections to be made. When you meet someone ask where their heart is and what makes them smile!

Practicing non-attachment

When we travel we can not get too attached to the places we visit and the people we meet. Instead we practice saying goodbye to people and places often, trusting that our paths will cross again if it is meant to be.


Living light

When you have to pack up everything you have and carry it with you, you think twice about acquiring any new items that might make you heavier. It is beautiful to live with this awareness, not accumulating too many material possessions but collecting beautiful moments and experiences instead.

Learning about yourself

Not only do you get to know the world when you travel, the world acts like a mirror to your self and you learn so much about yourself. Meeting new people, letting the universe guide your path, you get to know yourself better and can explore your purpose and passions.

Life is the biggest journey we’ll ever embark on, so let’s keep traveling gracefully through life!